Mongrel Clustering with Rails

Hey every one wants to make their site run faster..and there are many ways like caching (page caching, fragment caching, method caching) so on. One other way is using mongrel cluster which will run multiple instance of mongrel on you server which will help to improve website speed to a huge extent.

Let me tell you the steps for doing mongrel clustering .. its really easy..

Step 1 : – Install mongrel cluster gem

sudo gem install mongrel_cluster

Step 2 : – configure cluster and run the config file which will reside in config/mongrel_cluster.yml

mongrel_rails cluster::configure -p 8000 -e production -a

Well thats it now here you go

Start the cluster:mongrel_rails cluster::start

Restart the cluster:mongrel_rails cluster::restart

Stop the cluster:

mongrel_rails cluster::stop

Well just try these steps and if you are not able to configure it just post acomment and i will get back to you.

Enjoy better speed :)
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