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With the increasing number of sites being made in RIA – Rich Internet Applications many people have adopted Rails + Flex for make a Rich Internet Application.

There is a very gr8 plugin or code available on code.google.com known as ruby on rails ria sdk by adobe. Here is the url for it


The Ruby on Rails RIA SDK by Adobe provides developers with samples and code to help develop solutions with Ruby and Adobe technologies. The SDK includes open source code created by third parties as well as samples and demos that have been created by project members.

You can download an initial .zip file containing all the files using the Download link on the right hand side, or you can check out the code via SVN by clicking on the ‘Source’ tab on the top of the page.

This will help you to get things going and working with Rails + Adobe technology.

Hope this helps


Dhaval Parikh
Software Engineer
Ruby on Rails

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