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Hi all

I am creating this post for all those who wants to get updated regarding whats demanding in RoR and which are the new plugins which will eventually make their coding easier and faster…

So as and when i will come across such link or sites or plugins I will be updating so keep visiting this page…

Also I might have implemented these plugins and would be if you have any problem in implementing them do write a mail to me.

1) Dynamic Tags with RoR :- Tagging for faster search and

2) Open id integration with Rails :- A plugin that makes openid super simple.

3) Google Sitemap :- A google sitemap plugin for rails websites. It generates dynamic sitemaps based on your models and named routes. It has a full mvc stack that you can configure.

4) attachment_fu_app_engine : – Extension for AttachmentFu ( which uses the Google App Engine for storage and image resizing. Allows you to add or change thumbnail sizes without migrating previous data and removes the need to install ImageMagick.

Here are few new additions which I found useful have a look @ them

1) RQuote :- Gets realtime stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. download and njoi very easy to implement

2) Mobile_fu :- If Want to automatically detect mobile devices that access your Rails application? Mobile Fu allows you to do just that. People can access your site from a Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, etc. and it will automatically adjust the format of the request from :html to :mobile.

script/plugin install git://

3) Act As nice url :- This acts_as extension provides the
capabilities for creating a nice url based on an attribute of the current object.
You can set / unset the object id in front of the URL and choose the object
attribute to use to generate the URL.
more to go.. Even you can post good plugins which are new by commenting on this post


Dhaval Parikh
Software Engineer
Ruby on Rails

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Contact List importer in rails

Well I have been hearing this question a lot..Every one wants to market about their site directly from their place..So for that these days people are integrating 3rd party services where they can import contact lists from various address books such as gmail, yahoo, aol and so on…So I integrated plaxo which rails inorder to get this functionality in my site..

Here we go

First of all load these js in views

this will help u to open the plaxo page where u will be able to nter the login details of your desired mail account and then import all the email list

This is the controller code which u need to write for calling the send mail option

def sendemail
@emails = params[:recipients].split(‘,’)
for email in @emails
@send = Emailer.deliver_allcontacts(email,””, “Just Test”, “Dont Worry its just an testing email”)
flash[:notice] = “Mails are successfully sent”
redirect_to :action => ‘invite’

finally the model

def allcontacts(to,from,subject,message)
@tomail = to
@from = from
@subject = subject
@body[“message”] = message

this will send mail to all the contacts in the list..

Thats it..Now do marketing directly from ur website..

Dhaval Parikh
Software Engineer
Ruby on Rails

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Some Of RoR Resources

Here are some of the RoR resources from where u can get all the details you want regarding RoR You may add your sites via comments

  • Main Ruby Site – Official Ruby site. Find a complete list of all documentation, tutorials, news etc.
  • Ruby Documentation – Ruby documentation site.
  • Ruby Installation – One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows.
  • RubyForge – Open source project repository.
  • Ruby on Rails – Official site for Ruby on Rails.
  • RubyGems – Download link for RubyGem and other documentation.
  • Rails APIs – A comprehensive list of Rails APIs
  • Rails Conf – RailsConf, co-presented by Ruby Central, Inc. and O’Reilly Media, Inc., is the largest official conference dedicated to everything Rails.
  • Ruby Central – Ruby Central, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, dedicated to Ruby support and advocacy.
  • MySQL Homepage – Here you can download the latest MySQL release, get the MySQL news update. The mailing list is also a great resources for anyone who want to build dynamic websites using MySQL.
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Setting Up meta tags in RoR application For SEO

Meta tags are one of the important aspect for any site. And RoR having the power for clean urls setting up proper meta tags will really do wonders for the site.

So here is the method to setup the meta tags dynamically for all the pages

Here’s what I do (and it’s just one way of many) :

In my layout/application.rhtml

<%= @meta_title %> My Site Name>
"keywords" content="<%= @meta_keywords %>" />
"description" content="<%= @meta_description %>" />

In my application controller:

  before_filter :meta_defaults

 def meta_defaults
    @meta_title = "Welcome to"
    @meta_keywords = "my keywords"
    @meta_description = "my meta description"

and then in individual actions in my controllers I override the defaults

def view
    @article = Article.find(params[:id])
    @meta_title = "#{} - "
    @meta_description = @article.short_description

There are many other ways to do it..If there is a better way that you have pls share ur views below.

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Ruby Gems

A gem is a packaged Ruby application or library. It has a name and a version and have a specific task. Based on your requirement you may embed them into your application codes.

For eg.
activerecord 0.8.4
BlueCloth 0.0.4
captcha 1.1.2
cardinal 0.0.4
progressbar 0.0.3
rake 0.4.0

Gems are managed on your computer using the gem command. You can install, remove, and query gem packages using the gem command.

Installing RubyGems:
RubyGems is the name of the project that developed the gem packaging system and the gem command. You can get RubyGems from the RubyForge repository
then type
ruby setup.rb
It installs the required library files and the gem command. This command gives us the power to do many things.

In a shortcut version at CLI we may use
q for query
r for remote
l for local
n for name
spec for specification

Listing remotely installable gems
gem query –remote

Searching remotely installable gems
gem query –remote –name-matches doom
# shortcut: gem q -R -n doom

Installing a remote gem
gem install –remote progressbar
gem ins -r progressbar-0.0.3
gem ins -r progressbar –version ‘> 0.0.1?
RubyGems allows you to have multiple versions of a library installed and choose in your code which version you wish to use.

Looking at an installed gem
gem specification progressbar

Listing all installed gems
gem query –local

remote or local
If you don’t specify either of these, then gem will (usually) try ’’both’’ a local and remote operation. For example:
gem ins rake # Attempt local installation; go remote if necessary
gem list -b ^C # List all local AND remote gems beginning with “C”

Coding With RubyGems
require ‘rubygems’
require ‘progressbar’
and then subsequently
bar =”Example progress”, 50)

The first line of the program requires the progressbar library file. RubyGems will look for the progressbar.rb file in the standard library locations. If not found, it will look through its gem repository for a gem that contains progressbar.rb. If a gem is used, RubyGems attempts to use the latest installed version by default.

Specifying Versions
gem install –remote rake –version “0.4.14?

Updating RubyGems
gem update –system
gem install rubygems-update

Uninstalling a gem
gem uninstall progressbar

Info extracted from :

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exception handling in ruby

>begin expression executes its body and returns the value of the last evaluated expression.
>Any error in begin part will be caught by rescue depending upon parameters
>ensure is the one which must be exectued irrespective of exception occured or not
>An error message caught by an exception can be accessed using $!

For Java Programmers [ begin => try ; rescue => catch; ensure => finally]

p “I am doing well”
p “so well .. and well”
a = 8/0
p “Something went wrong => ” + $!
p “Oh Somehow I could finish my work”


“I am doing well”
“so well .. and well”
“Something went wrong => divided by 0?
“Oh Somehow I could finish my work”

a = 8
b = 0
p “I am doing well”
p “so well .. and well”
if a==18
p “I am happy with a as 8”
elsif b == 0
p “Lets say I dont want this”
raise Exception

p “Exception 1 caught here ” + $!
rescue Exception
p “Exception 2 caught here ” +$!
p “Oh Somehow I could finish my work”

O/P for [[ a = 8 and b = 0 ]]
“I am doing well”
“so well .. and well”
“Lets say I dont want this”
“Exception 2 caught here Exception”
“Oh Somehow I could finish my work”

O/P for [[ a = 8 and b = 1 ]]
“I am doing well”
“so well .. and well”
“Exception 1 caught here “
“Oh Somehow I could finish my work”

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