Hindi movies will soon be available as games

Hindi movies will soon be available as games

Would you be interested in re-writing the script of ‘Sholay’ wherein you can allow Gabbar Singh to win or kill Veeru instead of Jai? Some Hyderabad-based companies are planning something similar to that. Soon you may be able to do so and without even going to Ramgar! Just sit in front of your computer and using your keyboard, beat the hell out of Gabbar Singh as and when you like.

Suresh Productions, Fx Labs and Spirit have joined hands to produce the game versions of hit films like ‘Sholay’. These three firms are already into the gaming business and their products “Inferno” and “Archies Riverdale Run” are scheduled for release in early 2007. They say Indian films have great potential of being converted into games and for the first time, this market is going to be tapped.

President, Suresh Productions, D.Suresh Babu says, “Within a year, you will surely see an Indian film being converted into a game. After that every 3-6 months, we should be able to come out with a game for an Indian film.”

According to these companies, over 30% increase in the number of PCs in the country was one of the reasons, that inspired them to make video-games on Indian films.

Managing Director, Spirit, Rana Daggubati says, “Every kid today is associated with computers – he uses e-mail, internet and he plays games on his computer. He will be comfortable playing an Indian game with Indian stars and Indian content or content of a film that he has already seen.”

Besides Bollywood movies, video games will also be made based on South Indian movies, especially those featuring Rajnikant in a lead role.

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