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Get the job doneAs you might expect, the essential programs in this broad category cover a wide range of functions, including privacy protection, file encryption, and Registry optimisation. You’ll use some of these utilities more often than others, but we consider each of them extremely valuable.

Mozilla Firefox

Long known for providing a more secure surfing experience than Microsoft, this top-rated browser has an extremely potent pop-up blocker that has become one of its calling cards. The convenience of tabbed browsing seals the deal. Download now


Online shopping and banking is convenient, but remembering a mountain of logins, passwords and credit card numbers isn’t. RoboForm helps by generating secure passwords, encrypting your data, and automatically filling in Web-based forms for you. Download now

Adobe Reader

Though many users will never have to create a PDF file, almost every Web surfer will eventually want to read one. To decipher documents in Adobe’s portable document format, you’ll need this free program. Download now

NoteTab Light

Notepad works fine for simple text-editing chores, but most users will appreciate the additional functionality found in NoteTab Light. The program even provides templates and macros for writing basic lines of HTML. Download now


This free program makes it easy to wipe away your tracks from Internet browsers, various Windows system areas and some third-party applications. Its Registry-cleaning utility scans for invalid entries and backs up your Registry before removing them. Download now

Asmw Eraser Pro

Although you can manually wipe away Web traces by digging through your browser, Asmw Eraser Pro offers a more convenient way to clean your slate. As a bonus, the program removes your fingerprints from a number of other popular applications. Download now


If you have secrets you’d like to keep, encryption utilities work. BCArchive provides all the essentials in an easy-to-use package. The program can even create self-decrypting archives so you can share sensitive data with people who don’t have BCArchive. Download now


We have seen the future of archiving and it has candy-coloured icons. Once you see the size savings of a RAR archive over the established ZIP format, you might be prepared to make the switch. Download now

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