Mozilla – A skillful and secure Web-surfing tool

As more users continue to abandon Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s popular Firefox gains traction in the browser space. Version 1.5 of Firefox offers a few notable features, foremost of which is the ability to reorder tabs by dragging and dropping them. You’ll also find a tool that lets you quickly clean up your surfing history with two clicks of the mouse or a hot-key combo. The latest iteration of the browser seems more responsive than it has in the past and also is more efficient; with 10 windows open, Firefox consumed slightly less RAM than either IE or Opera.

If you’re new to Firefox entirely, you’ll appreciate the other features, including the RSS feeds, the JavaScript debugger, the basic download manager, and the ability to search several popular sites (such as Google) directly from the address bar. You can easily create toolbars by dragging and dropping icons. More technically minded users will appreciate that Firefox displays the page source in a new window, using indents and color-coded tags like an HTML editor. The built-in pop-up blocker is still extremely effective, and Firefox’s reuptation for tight security is still well deserved. Anyone who’s tired of IE will find more than one reason to like this free alternative.
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