Streaming TV served hot on your PC!

Streaming TV served hot on your PC!

Here’s a hypothetical situation for you. If you are shipwrecked on a desert island and the only thing that survived besides you, is your laptop. So, would you panic or realise that you can live without water and food for a couple of days, but you can’t survive a day without television! Okay, this is a bit far-fetched. On my part though, I would like to be with Tom Hanks, since he did such a great job of getting away from an isolated island in the movie ‘Castaway’

But that’s beside the point. What can a TV-holic person do in such extreme circumstances is check out a couple of streaming television websites. Here are a few:

1. This is the where it gets big! With about 1,314 channels listed from every possible country on the planet, this site should definitely make you salivate! Just click on the country that you fancy watching, and each country has atleast 10 more channels listed! Click on the speed you want to stream your video with and then just choose if you want to watch chat shows or go spiritual

2. Mania TV is one channel that you have to check out on this site. Channel 177 has shows with two mindnumbingly dumb anchors and to top it all, plays pop music 24/7! Besides this, wifi tv has a range of other channels to pick from. Although, unlike, this site isn’t free. Take the five minute trial or the 14 day trial, and then choose if you really want to subscribe. Although the paid package also includes utilities like wifi web chat and a virtual dialer, that lets you make free calls over the internet!

3. This site lets you watch most of the Hindi channels like AajTak, Zee TV, Zee Cinema streamed live on your personal computer, but for a certain price.

4. Watch the Indian tour of the West Indies on this site, though you’ll have to pay for it.

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