How would your mobile look in 2015?

BANGALORE: Going back a decade, one would have not thought of ‘on-the-move-phones’; the ubiquitous handphone has become a must-have for all and sundry today. Constant innovation in design and technology has enabled features like an inbuilt camera, MP3 player, digital diary, email client, web browser etc.

Let’s fast-forward and come to the year 2015. What will this creature look like ten years hence? Needless to say it will be packed with several features and may make many devices that we use today, redundant. What will happen at the design front? Will they retain the ‘phone look’ or take the look of a ring, a necklace, a bag or a ring?

Phone giant Nokia, hooked 26 design students from London’s Central St Martins College of Art and Design, into a contest to design the phones of 2015.

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Students were instructed to keep the users in mind while designing and came up with mobile phone for gamers which doubles as a pair of sunglasses, a phone for security conscious that can be worn as a ring, a necklace phone where each bead is a contact and an aromatherapy phone.Daniel Meyer, won the first prize; the phone’s lower portion swivels to allow the phone to sit in a freestanding right angle and act as a picture frame. The handset has an inbuilt trackball that can act as a mouse.

The devices are displayed at the Future of Mobile Design exhibition at London’s Air Gallery.

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