Live TV on mobiles coming soon

Mobile users will no longer have to wait for the 3G spectrum to watch live television on their handsets. The use of high compression technology will allow telecom operators to stream live video by year-end.

If you are always on the move and never find time to catch your favourite TV show or keep up with the news, there’s reason to cheer. Bharti Telesoft, a subsidiary of Bharti Enterprises, has tied up with the UK based media distribution solution provider Vimio, to enable live TV to be streamed on mobile phones in India.

Vimio’s technology enables live TV to be streamed to mobile phones over GPRS, EDGE and 3G technologies. The partners have started implementing the necessary infrastructure. This technology is on trial on the Airtel network and will be ready commercial launch in 4-6 months. Bharti Telesoft is even open to tie-ups with other operators.

“What we are looking at is allowing live video broadcasts on the current network of GPRS and Edge on the current bandwidth of 2.75 G network,” says CEO, Bharti Telesoft, Sanjiv Mittal.

But the service will not come cheap. Currently, for every rupee a customer spends on viewing downloaded television clips on a mobile phone, 30% goes to the channel and 70% to the telecom operator. Bharti Telesoft expects the customer base for this niche service to touch 50,000 to 100,00 in the first year of operation.

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