Microsoft Windows XP Media Center

NEW DELHI: Now Indian television viewers can watch their favourite programmes at their convenience.

Viewers will no longer require rushing from office to catch up with the Indo-Pak cricket match.
With the launch of the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) in the Microsoft Windows XP Media Center, viewers can now have a comprehensive on-screen list of what are the programmes or movies scheduled for 15 days. The EPG allows the viewer to find, choose and view programmes according to his convenience. The entire programme is controlled by a remote.

Rishi Srivastava, director, Windows Client Business Group said that with this service the consumer is able to record his favourite programme if he misses it during the live telecast. The programme would be stored in the hard disk of the computer, which can be viewed later.
“It will cover over 80 English, Hindi and 35 regional language channels that meets up to 90 per cent of the country’s viewership. In most countries it’s a paid subscription but in India it is free for all those who have a Windows XP Media Center PC, through which it automatically downloads and is updated every time you connect the Internet,” Srivastava said.

It also combines the functionality of a PC, TV, Radio, DVD Player and Media Player and serves home entertainment hub. Srivastava said that Microsoft is the first company to bring an integrated PC platform to the market, which also proves the facility to pause Live TV.

Launched nine months ago, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center, the company has sold 80,000 PCs till date. “After we have added this new feature in to our PC, we are expecting good response from the consumers. It is highly affordable. Today the starting price of the Media Center PC starts from Rs. 30,000 from all leading vendors such as HP, HCL, Sahara, Zenith,” he added.

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