Your mobile to have two sim cards

China-based Yulong plans to launch its dual mode phones in India through a telecom partner

The long wait is over for Indian mobile subscribers who wanted two active sim-cards in a single mobile phone
China-based mobile manufacturing company, Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific Co., Limited is planning to launch its dual-mode smart phone in India within a short time. Yulong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Wireless Technologies Limited, and the first company to introduce dual-mode smart phone in the world.

In an exclusive interaction, Ricky Xu, Overseas Sales Account Manager of Yulong, said that his company is planning to market its products in the Indian market this year.

“We are looking for a partner in India who can market our product. As no mobile manufacturer offer this dual-mode phone in India. We are aggressively looking for a partner who has good knowledge about the Indian telecom market,” Xu said.

The special feature of the handset is that a subscriber can simultaneously operate two active sim cards in the same phone. He said that the handset screen would display two connections and network of both the sim cards.

“It would be like two phones in a single handset. One can have all the features while using two separate handsets for two connections,” Xu said.

The handset range comes both with dual mode GSM+GSM and CDMA+GSM. He said that the handsets launched last year in China received enthusiastic response from the subscribers.

Denying any interference while having both GSM and CDMA connections in a single phone, Xu said that there are two chips installed in the phone, which helps both the signals to be carried out without interference.
The handset model CoolPAD 728 (CDMA+GSM) is priced at USD 500 and CoolPAD 288 (CDMA+GSM) is USD 240. However, there is also another model CoolPAD 728G2 (GSM+GSM). Both these models have mega pixel cameras and business applications.

Xu said that they have already sold 1,80,000 units of CoolPAD 728 and 50,000 units of CoolPAD 288 since its launch.

Speaking about bundling with mobile service providers in India, Xu said that they are planning for this business strategy but is not hopeful with this strategy, as no two service providers would come together in a single platform to offer their service through a single handset.

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