Mozilla Releases Early Alpha Of Firefox 3

As reported earlier, Mozilla has been working on v3 of its browser for almost a year now. They have now reached their first alpha and have released it as a showcase for the technologies it will be packing in. The alpha has been released, under the code-name Minefield, while project 3.0 itself is called Gran Paradiso, is expected to feature better support for a crucial graphic standard namely Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) language.

Firefox 3.0 will also support the Cairo graphics library project, which has been designed to make Web pages look the same, irrespective of the platform. Pages compiled under this new library, will look the same on both PC and mobile devices. Another new feature planned called “places”, which takes a new approach to bookmarks and page history. This feature is supposed to be similar to IE7’s favorite approach.

In terms of improvements to tabbed browsing, the new browser will include the ability to move around and reorder tabs in a single browser window and will also add a button right next to the last open tab that brings up a new tab, taking yet another few pages out of the IE7 list of features. In an update to a feature that was first shown in Firefox 2, version 3.0 will have increased session saving capabilities, including the ability to save all data logged in a single session, such as data entered into forms and posts, and the entire page viewing history.

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