PDA with GPS set for launch

ASUS has released the P535 triband PDA phone which offers a comprehensive spread of business and lifestyle applications, WiFi functionality, GPS, and a high quality autofocus camera. Priced at around Rs 35,000, the company claims it to be India’s first PDA phone to have GPS support.

The 520MHz Intel XScale-powered P535 has a 2.8in (240 x 320pixels, 65,000 colours) TFT screen, and uses the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system and has a full suite of multimedia playback software.

The hybrid device also comes with 256MB NAND Flash ROM and 64MB RAM on board, with a MiniSD card slot allowing storage capacity to be increased.
P535 tri-band PDA phone incorporates full wireless functionality, GPS and high quality auto-focus camera in a compact formfactor.

The P535 helps the business executive stay connected while on the move, offering push email, Internet access, off-site synchronization of calendar and contact information over wireless or mobile phone GPRS networks.

Originally developed for military use, Global Positioning System now has a wide range of civilian applications, for both work and play. Navigating appointment venues in a foreign land, tracking distance and speeds on road trips, treks or while jogging – the P535 offers the wonders of GPS in a compact, handy formfactor.

The P535’s integrated auto-focus 2.0 megapixel camera is not only capable of high quality pictures, it’s also a business card scanner, picking up contact details off photographed business cards in a snap – especially convenient when attending business conventions.

ASUS has packed the P535 with proprietary user-friendly software and features. Among the most useful, is the Secret Folder, through which the user can encrypt and protect sensitive personal or business information from prying eyes. Underlying the P535’s many features, is the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, the leading mobile platform with plenty of support and software available, full suite of multimedia playback functionality, and most importantly, the reliance on flash memory: data stored in the P535 remains stored, even if the P535 has lost all power.

The tentative plans are to launch this phone later this month in India along with the appointment of a new national distributor for this product.

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