Motorola MOTOROKR E6

Navigation is simple, with a vibrant 2.6 inch display that sports 256k of color and large icons. It also has a 2 megapixel camera that has an option of landscape and portrait that can be selected using a switch near the lens. The phone can also be used as a webcam by hooking it up to your PC. The phone itself is quite slim, but a wee bit on a the heavy side. The MOTOROKR is available in two different packages—the Premium and the Delux.

The MOTOROKR’s primary feature is supposed to be the MP3 player. At least that’s what the advertisement on TV will have you believe. However Motorola has equipped this phone with a lot more than just a simple mp3 player.

It uses the same Linux interface as the MOTOMING A1200, with a few additions. The E6 also has a touch screen but considering it doesn’t have a flip to protect the screen, a screen lock switch is provided for the same. The ROKR is also A2DP compatible.

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