Toshiba Launches New Ultra-Portables

Toshiba has released three new ‘Centrino Duo’ laptops namely the U300/U305 and the P205-S6347. The first two are ultra-portables aimed at the mass market while the P205 is a high-end desktop replacement aimed at power users.

The cheapest model, the U300-ST3091 comes with 1.86GHz Intel Pentium dual core T2130 processor, an LCD panel capable of 1280×800 resolution, up to 1GB of RAM, Intel 950 graphics chipset, an 80GB hard drive, a DVD super multi drive, fingerprint reader, and Windows Vista. The mid-ranged U305-S5107 features a 1.73GHz Core 2 Duo T5300 processor, 2GB RAM of system memory, 160GB hard drive, 802.11a/g/n Wi-Fi capability and Bluetooth. The final laptop is the P205-S6347 which comes with 1.66GHz Core 2 Duo T5450 chip, a 17 inch LCD panel with a native 1440×900 resolution, HD DVD drive, 1GB of system Ram, Intel X3100 graphics and a 200GB hard drive.

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