Wat web 2.0 Actually Is

I was surprised to find “I.T” people not knowing the meaning of web 2.0 when they were asked in a seminar. So I made up a plan to write few things about web 2.0 which will help them to understand how web 2.0 evolved and the importance. I would start with something that web 2.0 features are used by most of us these days and every day. All internet surfers uses it. So what is it? Well here are few of the examples :=

Web 1.0 Web 2.0
DoubleClick -> Google AdSense
Ofoto –> Flickr
Akamai –> BitTorrent
mp3.com –> Napster
Britannica Online –> Wikipedia
personal websites –> blogging
evite –> upcoming.org and EVDB
domain name speculation –> search engine optimization
page views –> cost per click
screen scraping –> web services
publishing –> participation
content management systems –> wikis
directories (taxonomy) –> tagging (“folksonomy”)
stickiness –> syndication

So now agreed that you are using it?? Ok then lets move further…

How actually it evolved :-

So as we all know that 2001 was a highly devastating year for the I.T industry and you all know the reason for it..Yes I am talking about the “dot-com bubble which marked a turning point for the web. Most of the companies were affected by this but there were few who survived..And thats where the web 2.0 concept began. New sites started getting launched more frequently than before. In the year and a half since, the term “Web 2.0” has clearly taken hold, with more than 9.5 million citations in Google. But there’s still a huge amount of disagreement about just what Web 2.0 means, with some people decrying it as a meaningless marketing buzzword, and others accepting it as the new conventional wisdom.

Here is the graphical format for web 2.0

Hope you get it cleared…if not or even if its clear its better you visit http://www.oreilly.com/pub/a/oreilly/tim/news/2005/09/30/
what-is-web-20.html for detailed information about the whole concept and get it cleared…I just tried to summarized the whole thing from the same source so that you understand it better and faster..

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