World’s Toughest Cell Phone on World Tour

“The Sonim XP1 is designed with the demanding user in mind, and will fulfill the requirements of a large number of Russian users,” said Johan Bergstrom, Senior Director at Sonim Technologies. “As it will also work in very low temperatures, it will be the best choice in several Russian regions. The XP1 is also the only IP-52 classified water/dust-resistant GSM handset commercially available in Russia.”

I do have my doubts, considering the video of a car running over the XP1 didn’t seem particularly convincing. There are other videos of ‘stress’ tests, but till it comes in for a test at our lab, I shall continue to remain skeptical about the World’s Toughest Cell Phone.

There’s no word on the price, or when (should I say IF?) it’s going to be launched anywhere in our vicinity.

For those rugged, outdoorsy, always-dropping-their-mobile folks, here’s what could truly be a godsend. A US-based telecom company called Sonim Technologies has recently launched what it claims is the ‘world’s toughest’ GSM mobile phone.

The phone, called the XP1, is apparently engineered and certified to withstand shock, water, wind, dust, dirt and extreme temperatures. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? To set such doubts at rest, the phone is currently on a world tour that began in Sweden.

Tests are being conducted by the company, which has invited journalists, bloggers etc. from around the world to show the versatility and endurance of the phone.

The company offers a three-year warranty on the phone and a lifetime warranty for the phone housing, with immediate in-store replacement if necessary. Apart from its apparent indestructibility, the XP1 is also equipped with Bluetooth and Push-To-Talk.

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