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I am creating this post for all those who wants to get updated regarding whats demanding in RoR and which are the new plugins which will eventually make their coding easier and faster…

So as and when i will come across such link or sites or plugins I will be updating so keep visiting this page…

Also I might have implemented these plugins and would be if you have any problem in implementing them do write a mail to me.

1) Dynamic Tags with RoR :- Tagging for faster search and

2) Open id integration with Rails :- A plugin that makes openid super simple.

3) Google Sitemap :- A google sitemap plugin for rails websites. It generates dynamic sitemaps based on your models and named routes. It has a full mvc stack that you can configure.

4) attachment_fu_app_engine : – Extension for AttachmentFu ( which uses the Google App Engine for storage and image resizing. Allows you to add or change thumbnail sizes without migrating previous data and removes the need to install ImageMagick.

Here are few new additions which I found useful have a look @ them

1) RQuote :- Gets realtime stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. download and njoi very easy to implement

2) Mobile_fu :- If Want to automatically detect mobile devices that access your Rails application? Mobile Fu allows you to do just that. People can access your site from a Palm, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, etc. and it will automatically adjust the format of the request from :html to :mobile.

script/plugin install git://

3) Act As nice url :- This acts_as extension provides the
capabilities for creating a nice url based on an attribute of the current object.
You can set / unset the object id in front of the URL and choose the object
attribute to use to generate the URL.
more to go.. Even you can post good plugins which are new by commenting on this post


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