Tough times ahead – ITs WORLD RECESSION

Every where people are just talking about recession in US economy . Where ever on what ever sites you go people are just posting negative comments about companies which used to be favorites just few months back

The buzz words are seeing a slow down. Some of the examples that I came across on some of the articles I read

1) iPod dying? It’s already dead

2)11 troubled Web companies: The next Kozmos? where people are talking about twitter, skype and other big names which were used to be widely used all over are now getting some cause of worry

3)Open-source innovation in a recession

4) Week in review: Tech stocks tumble
tech stocks falling like a pack of cards every where there is a slow down no matter which country you see.

5) Chip forecasts head south

6) Micron to cut workforce by 15 percent, slash flash output

7) The tech downturn: How long and how bad?

While dollar appreciating was a bit of a support for some of the IT biggies, but on the other hand default payments is affecting the revenues. They are forced to reduce number of employees

companies are not getting big contracts like before. People have reduced spendings.

So everyone is just waiting and watching WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ? No one knows actually.. Lets see wats the road ahead especially for IT companies

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