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My aim here is to make all the investors get reasonable returns @ the least possible risk….People might not agree to these views..but I have proved it again and again since past many yrs….
Here is the proof I m just writting about those stocks in which i have traded the most in terms of % turnover and also % returns. I will get you updated all these stocks like @ wat levels one should buy and sell them in order to get the best of it.. Apart from that I will also get u the latest News updates or recent developments of these specific companies..

First of all the list of the ones which i like..In my next post i will tell u the reasons y I like the stocks metntioned below

1) GDL
2) Nitin Fire
3) Zylog System
4) Balrampur Chini
5) Amtek India
6) Rain Calcining
8) Religare
9) Infosys
10) Tata Motors

All the stocks above have given good returns to the investors and traders if they have traded these stocks at proper levels.. This is true with almost all the stocks but these r some which i track regularly..and i continue to like them inspite some of them might have underperformed..but for me they have always outperformed..

So Keep watching this space i will get u updated with the stock details soon and also the research reports if possible. Watch the comment space for each stock to get the latest updates

My Picks for 2008
1) L&T
2) Punj lloyd
3) Reliance Inds
4) Gmr Infra
7) GDL
8) Infosys
9) Godrej Inds
10)Shiv Vani oil

These are the combination of midcaps and largecaps..And i wouldnt hesitate to put equal amount in all the 10 can expect minimum 50% returns frm these stocks in this yr if traded @ proper levels..also watch out for specific news abt the stocks in the latest stocks section..

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