Ubuntu boots into terminal with no xstart and readonly file system

Hi all

If you face this weird problem where your Ubuntu machine starts in terminal mode with no xstart option. try the following commands.

Try to first scan your system using fsck if that doesn’t work or it get stuck after few % try the next step.

type Xstart on the command prompt and press enter. still no success?

try apt-get update and if you see that your file system is read-only. Try the commands below

First of all shutdown your system using

shutdown -r now -F

once restarted try to remount your root partition using the following command

mount -o remount,rw /

If none of the above method works. Insert a Live Ubuntu CD. use GUI tool to scan your system by opening disk utility from the following path.
System > Administration > Disk Utility

Hope this solves your problem. If it doesn’t do post a comment and I shall try to help you out.


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