Install / Upgrade to OpenSSH 6.6p on Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.10

Hey all,

Had to upgrade OpenSSH to 6.6p for PCI Compliance. Found that 12.04 does not support OpenSSH 6.6p via direct upgrade. So Had to do it manually. After some research found that it can be done easily with 3-4 steps

1) Download portable version of OpenSSH from


2) Run the following command

tar -xvf openssh-6.6p1.tar.gz
cd openssh-6.6p1
./configure –prefix=/usr –sysconfdir=/etc/ssh \
–with-md5-passwords –with-privsep-path=/var/lib/sshd

3) make install

4) Check Version using

sshd -V

you should see it as OpenSSH_6.6p1

If you do not see it restart your sshd service and check again.

Do comment for any questions.


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