Removal method for SAM / USB worm virus which bannes orkut

Hi friends

I am getting a lots of mails and msgs from my frnds that their pcs have been affected by so called SAM virus..which blocks orkut and other sites

Also this virus doesnt allow ctrl + alt + del function to work… and in short it creates a lot of problem..

So i researched through many sites and found the solution for it..

Follow these steps and the virus will be gone..

1) Download combofix from install it and run it

2) Download nod32 antivirus from scan your pc with it and you will find c:/config/system.exe and c:/config/sys.exe virus in your pc…

3) go to regedit and find system.exe and sys.exe and delete all such entries

4) go to msconfig c:/config/system.exe might be the startup program remove it from the list. you can also use tools such as system mechanic for managing the startup files

5) download and run it..

6) restart your pc and your virus will be gone

for more information you can mail me @ or contact me through my site

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