Implement Captcha in a rails application

Well with increase in spamming this facility of captcha has done the magic although people always find some or the other reason to crack a security but for the time being this can be implemented..

Captchator is a very good service which can be combined easily with RoR and implement captcha

Jst few lines of code does the magic for you

View :-
in img src call the follwing source$yoursessionid

Just like the one below

Write the above lines in views which will display a random captcha on the form or the page

Then$yoursessionid/$answer using this fetch the value which is entered by the user

If the answer is correct, the result is “1”, if not, it is “0”.

You can check the same in ur browser

Try it in your Browser:

1. Go to you like) and read the text from the picture.
2. Go to you like)/(text from the picture). If you entered the text correctly, you will see “1”.

Thats it..Captcha Ready for ur site..Aviod spamming in 10 mins no more security and coding required.

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