.htaccess protection with nginx

Hey just recently had a requirement where in I had to set password for my website. It was a ruby on rails website and I had to set .htaccess for it. I knew how to setup .htaccess for apache but with nginx (that our site was using as webserver) I didnt knew what to do.

Then I figured out the solution

Open nginx.conf file. Search for the location word you might see multiple location configuration. But put the code below in the root location

            auth_basic "RESTRICTED ACCESS";
            auth_basic_user_file /path/to/htpasswd/file

For ruby on rails it will be generally in
 the public folder of your rails app.

If you havent generated the htpassword 
yet pls do it using the following command 

htpasswd -b -c htpasswd username password

Hope this will be useful to you if you
 are caught in the same situation as me.

Njoi protecting the site
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