New Skype Handset Doesn’t Need a PC

RTX, developer of wireless communication has introduces the Dualphone 3088, which can be used as a normal telephone as well as for calling via Skype — without a PC. The new Dualphone helps people to save money on their phone bill and gives them more flexibility when using Skype.

The Dualphone 3088 is a convenient cordless phone which removes the need of a computer when making Skype calls. The phone also allows the user to decide whether to make a free call via the Internet between Skype users, or to use the regular landline connection. The Dualphone has a Skype user interface and possesses nearly all the Skype voice features. The phone base station connects easily to the broadband router and the phone line. The new Dualphone 3088 has a colour display and an operating time of more than 10 hours of talk time as well as up to 140 hours at standby.

“The former USB Cordless Dualphone was our first Skype Certified USB cordless handset,” said Manrique Brenes, director of Hardware Business Development at Skype. “It has been available for three years and has been a very successful phone. We are therefore delighted to join RTX in taking Internet calls a step further with cordless embedded phones for Skype.”

“We see the greatest opportunity in the price-conscious mass market, where ease-of-use is essential,” said Tage Rasmussen, CEO of RTX Telecom. “This is why we have developed a platform for low-cost cordless phones for both Skype Internet calls and regular phone calls, with the added benefit of being able to use a cordless handset without a PC. We will also provide the new platform and product as a design service or OEM/ODM product for global brand manufacturers.”

While the Dualphone 3088 includes a regular landline connection, Skype itself is not to be used as a replacement for your ordinary telephone service and does not support emergency calls.

The Dualphone 3088 will be available at RTX’s distribution partners and at The product will be also be available at selected European retailers and at the Skype Online Store from December 1, 2006 at a recommended retail price of EUR 159, including VAT.

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